Bucket Shop

作词:Peter Doherty,Carl Barat

作曲:Peter Doherty,Carl Barat

所属专辑:Anthems For Doomed Youth (Deluxe)

标签: 酒吧 摇滚 英语


歌曲名 Bucket Shop 歌手名 The Libertines

作词:Carl Barat+Peter Doherty

作曲:Carl Barat+Peter Doherty

First stop was the bucket shop

To pick the pieces of your life up

And scream looking glad

Since all that you despised

You're thinking back to the Chicken Shack

And the smashing of the glass

And the knife in the back well

My boy who would've believed your lies

All your lies

And no-one's going to sell you any alibis


You dirty small town girls

How I wish you were here now

And show me how to be the man

I'm your man

As only you can as only you can

My White City girl

Well someone said you were an angel

Only what kind of angel

Would whisper 'hello'

And shout 'goodbye'

My White City girl

And I've seen you go down

On one too many times

It chills my bones to seem that way

Oh that way

And this aching heart of mine

You said you live your life by the Albion creed

So pure in thoughts and word and deed

Well oh my boy what did you gain

Just empty bottles and roots

And holes in the years of your cowboy boots

And that makes she'll never forget your name

Or your lies

And no-one's going to sell you any alibis