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Brian Boru

Anniversay 2014

Brian Boru, one of the greatest and coolest high kings of ireland, will have his 1000 year anniversary on

Good Friday in 2014 and we're having a party to cheer him on his way.

He was the "Ard Ri", meaning "High King", so to be honest he was one of the first and most defo the last high king to unite

Ireland under one monarch.

When he was eighty-nine, he gave the

Vikings a good 'ol

Battle at

Clontarf on

Good Friday, 1014 and defeated them, but didn't get to make it home himself and one of de pissed off defeated

Vikings, Bothair, murdered

Brian, apparently in his tent!

Ireland's coolest king was dead and gone, but "Brian was the last man in Erin who was a match for a hundred."

So fancy coming along to celebrate on the day?