Boy With A Problem



所属专辑:Imperial Bedroom


Boy With A Problem - Elvis Costello & The Attractions

作词:Elvis Costello/Chris Difford

作曲:Elvis Costello/Chris Difford

I feel like a boy with a problem

I can't believe what we've forgotten

And I even slapped your face and made you cry

It's the last thing I want to do

Pull the curtains on me and you

Pull the carpet from under love

Pull out like young lovers do

You swore you wouldn't shout

If it's not your punch then it's your pout

Days in silence try my temper

Nights spent drinking to remember

How memories are always tender

I crept out last night behind your back

The little they know might be the pieces I lack

Came home drunk talking in circles

The spirit is willing but

I don't believe in miracles

I've got a problem but let's go to bed

I can roll over and I can play dead

But here I am in the doghouse instead

I feel like a boy with a problem

I can't believe all you've forgotten

Sleeping with forgiveness in your heart for me