The Knock (Drums Of Death Pt. 2)

作词:Michael Louis Diamond

作曲:Michael Louis Diamond,DJ Shadow

所属专辑:Psyence Fiction

标签: 酒吧 电子 激情 英语


Album by: Psyence Fiction

Artist by: Unkle

Mike D :

Yeah, come on, a-come on, a-come on, a-come on

Tiggy tiggy tee tone tee tone tiggy tee tig tee tiggy tiggy a too

(Uh, hoo)

Uh, one time

Come on, come on, come on, c-c-come on

Come on come on a-come on a-come on, you don't stop

Yeah, 1-2, 1-2

The best MC in history

(Check me out) MC...MC....MC....

Now I'm a break it down in the UNKLE style

Drums of death that are worth your while

In the file, I'll dial, I said

Anyone who says we're not versatile

Cause it's me, M-I-K-E to the D

Getting down, U-N-K-L-E

For this you pay a fee

It's not for free

We're coming to the end of the century

Crossing continental with these beats

And getting your ass up and out your seats

The drop-top up with the Flintstone feats

We're gonna put you down with the tasty treats

Hand me the mic and I will say

Living positive each and every day

Whether in the fall or the month of may

Lavelle be getting down with no delay

Yeah drums of death y'all

Put me to the test y'all

Never rest, y'all, yeah

Check it out, uh

I got a little story to tell

With DJ Shadow and James Lavelle

It starts right now in history

And I am known as the rapper Mike D.

Funky funky beats, one-two, break it down

Deliver it on down with the A-1 sound

Ounce by ounce and pound for pound

Got the shit that's out of bounds

The beat's on time and I hope you feel

Nice and complete like a happy meal

Sounds of tomorrow. Can't y'all just steal?

Or is it too hectic for y'all to deal?

Gotta keep moving 'till we hit the top

My boys Unkle gonna let the beat drop

Grab the mic and I start to mop

Like I done since day one in the game of hip-hop!

Hip hop....hip hop


Whew, that was hot! Now, dig this....

Yeah drums of death y'all

Yeah drums of death y'all

Yeah drums of

Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah drums of

Yeah drums of death y'all

Yeah-yeah, drums of death all-all

Dums of...yeah-yeah drums of, yeah-yeah-yeah

I'ma break it down in the UNKLE style

UNKLE style

UNKLE style

UNKLE style


Funky funky beats

Yeah, drums of death, you know what I'm sayin'?

Uh-uh, straight more money-makin

Money-makin', ho!