Goodbye To A River



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标签: 摇滚 英语


作词 : Henley, Lynch, Simes, Winding

Goodbye To A River

Written:Don Henley/Stan Lynch/Jai Winding/Frank Simes

The rains have come early, they say

We're all gonna wash away

Well, that's all right with me

If heaven's torrent can wash clean

The arrogance that lies unseen

In the damage done since we have gone

Where we ought not to be

Goodbye to a river

So long

Lakes and levees, dams and locks

They put that river in a box

It was running wild

And men must have control

We live our lives in starts and fits

We lose our wonder bit by bit

We condescend and in the end

We lose our very souls

The dirty water washes down

Poisoning the common ground

Taking sins of farm and town

And bearing them away

The captains of industry

And their tools on the hill

They're killing everything divine

What will I tell this child of mine

I make a church out of words

As the years dull my senses

And I try to hold on to the world that I knew

I struggle to cross generational fences

And the beauty that still remains-

I can touch it through you

Roll on