Still In Love

作词:Lionel Richie

作曲:Lionel Richie

所属专辑:Louder Than Words

标签: 英语 R&B 原创单曲


歌曲名 Still In Love 歌手名 Lionel Richie



Gonna tell you a story

About a love in

all it glory

Every word i say is ture

Every word is meant for you

As i look across the table

In your eyes i see forever

Girl there no

one else but you

No one else will

ever do

I I I I still in

love with you

Got my life so

full of laughter

Fianlly found what

i was after

Caught an angel flying low

Now there one

thing you should know

I been lost and

I been lonely

Till i found you

one and only

You every song

i want to sing

My joy my everything

I I I I still

in love with you

I want you to know

just how i feel

Now that my search

for love is over

It would be a lonely

life without you

As the years keep

getting longer

It only makes

my love grow stronger

I just can go another day

Until i can hear you say

I I I I still in love with you