I Hate Him (1959 Original Broadway Cast)



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I Hate Him - Various Artists (欧美群星)

I hate him

I hate him

I hate him I hate him I hate him

I hate him I hate him I hate him

I hate him I hate him

I simply can't abide him

Detest him despise him

The nothing but hot air and saw dust

And stuffing and blowing and bluffing and huffing and puffing

Just noth thing there inside him

He's just a naive little hick

Who'll get his come up pance right quick

His manners are rude and he talks like a dude

And his jokes make me sick


I once knew a fella

Who thought he saw a mirage

And the durned fool drowned himself riding right through it

Ha ha I hate him

I hate him

And if he were caught by a man eating bear

And I had a gun and was standing right there

I'd laugh

While that bear ate him

If he should come crawling back on his knees

I'd spurn him and turn away

Wouldn't give him the time of day

Beacause I hate him

I hate him I hate him

If he fell in quicksand right up to his chin

And I had a shovel

I'd watching him sick in

And never excavate him

He's got a big wide yellow streak

He's nothing but sheer nerve and cheek

His eyes are too shifty

His nose is too crafty

His chin is too weak

But he's got a big mouth

Miss Prench I bet you gotta kinda lovely face

Underneath all that paint ma'am

I hate that man

I hate him

Hate him hate him

Hate him

I hate him