Where Are You Now (Album Version)


作曲:Tom Keene

所属专辑:That's Right


@migu music@

Where are you..

Oh oh where are you

I'm caling your name where are u..baby...ohh..ah ah

Some meet in the strangest places

Some meet in the place that they are working

Some meet in their own back yard

Some say it was love at first sight

Some say that they never could imagine

They say that they found the right one..ahh baby

Where are u

When i'm calling ur name..ahh baby

(where are u) when i'm here all alone

Where are u (where are you)

When i reach out my hand

Oh honey where are u when i need you most ..oh babe

Where are you

Some meet at the supermarket

Some meet on a summer vacation

Some meet at the local park

Some say it was meant to be them

Some say that they waited for a long time

Oh baby..

One song has been song is stuck in my head

And it keeps on going on, every second its stronger

And it makes me feel good, so i can hold on much longer