The Nagger (Part 2)



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Struttin' With Some Barbecue - Louis Armstrong (路易斯·阿姆斯特郎)

Strut-tin' with some bar-be-que,

Swing-in' with the band;

Like the hap-py peo-ple do

Way down in dix-ie land

Hear that ol' trom-bone

And the trum-pet ad-lib.

Love to hear the lick,

While I do my pick-in'

Pick-in' on a jui-cy rib.

Cause I'm Strut-tin with some bar-be-que,

Feel-in' might-y grand;

Pass an-oth-er help-in' please,

Of that good ol' dix-ie land.

And mis-ter wait-er if you please

An-oth-er rib or two;

And I'll go strut, strut, strut-tin,

Strut-tin' with some bar-be-que