作词:Rotterdam Termination Source

作曲:Rotterdam Termination Source

所属专辑:Sunset Boulevard


歌曲名 Surrender

歌手名 Andrew Lloyd Webber/Patti LuPone

作词:Don Black/Christopher Hampton

作曲:Andrew Lloyd Webber

No more wars to fight

White flags fly tonight

You are out of danger now

Battlefield is still

Wild poppies on the hill

Peace can only come when you surrender

Here the tracers fly

Lighting up the sky

But I'll fight on to the end

Let them send their armies

I will never bend

I won't see you now 'til I surrender

I'll see you again when I surrender

Now don't you give me a fancy price just because I'm rich

Lady you've got the wrong man

I had some trouble with my car

I just pulled into your driveway

Get out


And I'm sorry you lost your friend

Get out of here

I'm sorry

Haven't I seen you somewhere before

Or shall I call my servant

Aren't you norma desmond

You used to be in pictures

You used to be big

I am big

It's the pictures that got small

There's was a time in this business

You won't remember

We had the eyes of the whole wide world

But that was good enough for their Eistein

As another confess

They want to be is of the world as well

So they took all the idols and smashed them

The fairbanks the Gilberts the Valentinos

They trampled on what was divine

They threw away the gold of silence

When all they needed was this face of mine