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Seeing The Real You At Last - Michel Montecrossa

Well I thought that the rain would cool things down

But it looks like it don't

I'd like to get you to change your mind

But it looks like you won't

From now on I'll be busy

Ain't going nowhere fast

I'm just glad it's over

And I'm seeing the real you at last

Well didn't I risk my neck for you

Didn't I take chances

Didn't I rise above all few

Most unfortunate circumstances

Well I have had some rotten nights

Didn't think that they would pass

I'm just thankful and grateful

To be seeing the real you at last

I'm hungry and I'm irritable

And I'm tired of this bag of tricks

At one time there was nothing wrong with me

That you could not fix

Well I sailed through the storm

Strapped to the mast

Oh but our time has come

And I'm seeing the real you at last

When I met you baby

You didn't show no visible scars

You could ride like Annie Oakley

You could shoot like Belle Star

Well I don't mind a reasonable amount of trouble

Trouble always comes to pass

All I care for about now

Is that I'm seeing the real you at last

Oh yes I am

Well I'm gonna quit this baby talk now

I guess I should have known

I got troubles I think maybe you got troubles

I think maybe we'd better leave each other alone

Whatever you gonna do

Please do it fast

I'm still trying to get used to

Seeing the real you at last