Fifty In Five


作曲:Dan CochraneMatthew LambertJohn HillDaniel SmithBarry Francis

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Fifty In Five - Hilltop Hoods

Listen while you read

Terror cleared the skyline and anger clouded judgement

So they spent a thousand nighttimes in the desert fighting something

That they couldnt find that made it something that they couldn't fight

Left us all lamenting all the wrongs that they couldnt right

This is for the second time we've been here before

From Vietnam to Saddam we always needing a war

Neo-conservatives rose up like Viet Cong

Their fingers on the trigger we won't be here long

They killed MLK and they named a day after him

They killed JFK and named an airport after him

Some guy shot a monster called Reagan so he could bone

A girl named Jodie Foster if only he'd known

We tested nukes in the atmosphere the sea and dirt

And they tested all these missiles just to see if they worked

Now France got 'em Russia got 'em India and Pakistan

Korea want 'em states want 'em pointed at the Taliban

Iran and Afghanistan sands of the Arab lands

Order from portable commands in armoured caravans internet 3g cellular phones

Serial killers built in mini-sells in their homes

And we had Manson Bundy Gacy-son of Sam

Macarena Superman chicken dance running man

Generation X and generation Y

And the generation next will degenerate and die

Cause we got holes in the ozone that we put there ourselves

Now the poles are a no-go earths cooking itself

And we cant look at ourselves so we got saline botox eighteen fake tits ninteen detox

Don't stop get it get it can't afford it get it credit

Buy it spend it try it getting fat then you better ched it

Ab-swing blue blocker Tupac or Biggy

East coast west coast Fat Joe or fifty

Thatcher the shifty iron lady Tony Blair

A princess died some say cause she got Dodi there

Whitlam Keating Hawke and a promise

Of no children in poverty wish that could have been honest

We had abbot and costello right wing overloads

Promises and children they threw em both overboard

Overwrought refugees thrown to a group home

Or jailed for the crime of looking for a new home

Elvis died Hendrix died Lennon died

Genocide in Africa Serbia Cambodia pesticides bio-toxins chemical warfare

All's fair in love and war more work for the pallbearer

More terror more unjust search and seizures

A tidal wave came and claimed the coast of Indonesia

Quakes in Iran Japan and California

Greenhouse gas turned the world into a sauna

The trauma of mortars martyrs slaughters

Of partners mourners fathers and daughters

They chassed us caught us numbered us to sort us

Raped up scorned us to break us they bought us

Third world kidneys for captains of industry

Uprising in the street corruption in the ministry

A blowjob brought about the fall of a dynasty

And MP3s saw the fall of an


Doubled population halved accommodation

Carved up resources and we starved the poorer nations

Beirut Chechnya all hell

Broke loose belin ninteen eighty nine man the wall fell

Cold war ended but that didn't stop more shells

Waco lit up the sky like burning oil wells

A world laid waste addiction

Tell Orwell truth's always stranger then fiction

Big brother's on closed circuit TV and on cable

Reality's now scripted celebrity's for sale jeopary and jail seized depossed

Remedies and penalties for failed CEO's

We had the Enron collapse and white-collar crime

Investors they were taxed a dollar for a dime

The blue chip companies and blue-sky mines

We no longer choose sides we choose sidelines

Rich bleeding the kind blind leading the blind

And history repeats no competing with time

Gasses eating the minds of the vets that they bing home

The plague of agent orange gulf war syndrome

Soldiers sent home posttraumatic stress leave

STDs cause the sleeve aint sexy

AIDS shook the eighties grim reaper with a bowling ball

Metallica kill em all let god scold em all

The Guildford four chicago seven Mumia mandela oceans eleven

Half past twelve on friday the thirteenth

Dawn of the dead a nightmare on elm street

Weapons free environment war zone phone home

Melanoma grow as we soak in the ozone

Home-grown hydro coc*ine nitro

Werewolf in london american physco

Cyclones bushfires bush firing scuds

Baby boomers woodstock what happened to the love

What happened to the cubs they def em to the wolves

Set a trial for pedophiles they let em in the schools

Set em on the students turned em on the kids

And everyone responsible should burn for what they did

And if they try to deny then an eye for an eye

The government and church on which we try to rely

Both rob us till it hurts chasing lie after lie

Like astronauts chasing a pie in the sky

They landed on the moon but can't seem to return there

Makes some question if they ever really were there

And if they were there now and they looked back

Would we look them in the eye could we look back

Cause when we look back at what we have done

Can you believe what we have become

As we walk into the sun

Can you believe what we have become

As we walk into the sun