Classic Example



所属专辑:State Of The Art

标签: 酒吧 英语 嘻哈




Now we bring the new danger to stranger’s who claim to defame the crew,

Pharoahe, Hilltop Hoods, never singing the blues,

Slinging these new singles for you to mingle to,

Australian Hip Hop but not kangaroos,

Change the game a little rearrange the rules,

Your whole frame is brittle man you came to lose,

We drop classics you bastards,

My final four defeats sweet sixteen’s like March madness,

It’s not passive, so ravenous,

This collaborative effort is not average,

Its magnanimous, thus, my little crew got loose screws,

These dudes will put two in your cabbage,

One in your laminate, three in you managers Phantom,

Don’t be a candidate for animal planet,

Lyrical savages and CD anger management classes,

Look how we handle them we leave them in bandages damn it


No stopping us now, Hilltop in this, we locking it down,

Apocalypse now, we’re not with this monotonous sound,

It’s innocuous Hip Hop and we’re on top of a cloud,

Rocking a crowd, dropping this like who not with us now?

They’re all feeling the movements it’s,

Got DJ’s scratching up my shit like removalists,

Who is this ludicrous, furious, humorous,

Dude that just threw us off the back of tour bus?

Two of us, bringing the shit that got your hands clapping,

Luminous, swinging my dick like Dr Manhattan,

I had to stop for breath,

Cos our shit’s like Joan of Arc, man it’s hot to death,

We blowing up the spot, not once but twice like P-Monche,

Blowing up some Reebok pumps with a beatbox,

Come to life, or try get this drunk out of here,

Pffft, my shit’s a classic man, get the fuck out of here


This aint a so-so, promo, believe me it’s pro,

Dope flow that don’t know the meaning of no,

Me and my co, Pharoahe, won’t be leaving the show,

Until the, speakers blow from the heat of my flow,

We write classics, for back alley theatrics,

Playing with fire living in a house built with match sticks,

Haters wana roll with me now, showing love?

Guess I’m just too busy holding it down to hold a grudge,

Your average amateurs panic and choke,

They aint actually dope, they’re high on cannabis smoke,

I’m still the man if I don’t blow a grand on a rope,

Cause fortune favors the brave that’s why these rappers are broke,

Props to Numark for jacking the sample,

Debris could lay a scratch with his arms full,

Keeping heads packed like a car pool,

Back for the masses to marvel, here’s another classic example