A Fine Romance

作词:Jerome Kern,Dorothy Fields

作曲:Jerome Kern,Dorothy Fields

所属专辑:Boy Meets Girl: Sammy Davis Jr. And Carmen McRae On Decca

标签: 酒吧 流行 情歌对唱 爱情 英语


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A fine romance, with no kisses

A fine romance, my friend this is

We should be like a couple of hot tomatoes

But you're as cold as yesterday's mashed potatoes

A fine romance, you won't nestle

A fine romance, you won't wrestle

I might as well play bridge

With my old maid aunt

I haven't got a chance

This is a fine romance

A fine romance, my good fellow

You take romance, I'll take jello

You're calmer than the seals

In the arctic ocean

At least they flap their fins

To express emotion

A fine romance with no quarrels

With no insults and all morals

I've never mussed the crease

In your blue serge pants

I never get the chance

This is a fine romance