You and Me

作词:Brian Hyland,Shannon


所属专辑:Brian Hyland

标签: 酒吧 流行 激情 爱情 情人节 旅行 英语 驾车 幸福 70后


Fresh (Live) - Kool and The Gang

Conversation is going 'round

People talking 'bout the girl who's come to town

Lovely lady pretty as can be

No one knows her name she's just a mystery

I have seen her maybe once or twice

The one thing I can say is she's very nice

She's a lady one I really want to know

Somehow I've got to let my feeling show

She's fresh exciting

She'll take you by surprise

She means so much to me

I'll do whatever to make her mine baby

Oh yeah

Fresh as a summer breeze

She means so much to me yeah

I want to take her by the hand

And pray she'll understand

'Cause I love the way she walks

And ooh baby I love the way she talks

Miss Frisky Lady

Take me away

Ooooh yeah