How About You



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How About You (你呢?) - Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Written by:Sister Rose

How well

Do I remember

How my Jesus

Brought me through

You know I prayed

And I walked the floor

A night or two

Oh yes

I said Lord

Take and use me

For that is all that

All that your child can do

Then I gave my

I gave my little heart to my Jesus

Oh yes

How about you


How about you

How about you

Hmm how about you

I wonder

How about you

You know I hope

I hope that my savior is your

Your savior too

Ohh yes

Lord sometimes we're up

You know sometimes we're down

Sometimes we're almost

Almost flever with the ground

Oh if you only give your

If you only give your little heart to your Jesus

I declare

God will stand by you

Oh yes he will

I'm a witness

That he will


Now when I press

When I press my time killer

You know I know that my life is true Lord

When there

When there is no one who'll heard you

Yeah the beacon do

Ohh oh yes

Don't you know

We must hurt

We must hurt to get a thing

And my fingernails

They all turned blue

Don't you know I want God to take me

I'm asking him to take me

Take me all home to glory

Oh yes

How about you


I'm so happy