Hey Lorraine

作词:Giacomo Jaselli,Ran Pink

作曲:Massimiliano Elli,Giacomo Jaselli,Nicolò Taccori,Ran Pink

所属专辑:Monster Moon

标签: 酒吧 摇滚 英语


Hey Lorraine,

I'm coming clean today

I'm gone, long gone

I've been talking to the soul

of Houdini on the plane

walking through the boulevards

tossing memories away, into the sea

I'm coming clean today

Hey Lorraine

say my name

and then just scream it again

I've been drinking shots with Plato,

he had nothing more to say

than to never call you back

'cause you work that way

oh, and it feels like it's enough

Hey Lorraine

I don't care what you say

this love will put me right in my grave

Hey Lorraine

just get out of my way

sometimes it ever rains in L.A.