This Is Always

作词:Harry Warren

作曲:Harry Warren

所属专辑:Georgie Fame: Survival A Career Anthology 1963 - 2015

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歌曲名 This Is Always 歌手名 Georgie Fame

作词:Ingrid Michaelson

作曲:Ingrid Michaelson

This isn't sometimes

This is always

This isn't maybe

This is always

Believe me this time it's love

Baby this is love

That means the real beginning of forever and evermore

This isn't just

Mid-summer madness

No passing glow not a moment's gladness

Darling can't you see this is love

Oh please baby can't you see it's really love

And I knew it on that night when we met

You tied a string and wrapped it

Round my heart

Darling tell me just how

Can I forget you

My dear

Each time we kiss I know that this is

Ow wanna scream that this is all

Ow wanna scream that this is all

Ow wanna scream that this is always

I fell in love with you

The moment that I looked at you

I knew no one else would do

Only you

For always

Yours until the end of time

Please be mine

I fell in love with you the moment that I saw you

You were passin' me by when you caught my eye

You were sent to me from heaven above

So very lovely

Just standing there wind in your hair

I have never seen a dream go walking

Like the way you did that day stole my heart away

Please keep it dear 'till your old and grey

This this this this is love

I know that this is love

Oh yes I knew it on the

Knew it all on knew it on the night we met

And I never will forget

You tied a string around my heart

Darling tell me

How could I

How can I forget I met you

How can I

Tell me ooh my baby won't you tell me

Why must when ere we kiss

I feel this urge I can't resist

And I've got to tell the world that this

Is always