Outro (Roots / Illadelph Halflife)(Album Version)



所属专辑:Illadelph Halflife

标签: 流行 英语 咪咕音乐人


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He sat below it and listen in,

Listen in to all what it told

...And at the time come that unknown

Come from nowhere and behind no one

His lips whisper unknown words

Never heard and delusive

Words as a cares enchanting

Arousal, beauty and emotion

Like silver breeze stroke

That lovesome and silent words

Melodies sounds out of his lips

And people listen to the unknown

But yet so imminent

And then...

...Then like dazed, everyone

Old mans and children, woman and mans

Went away, no one knows where

Went away for ever, without return

And nobody already see them

Only he sat along under it

And listen in to all what it tell

The tree tell its story along

The tree tell its story along

I am driving a horse among shadows, flashes of storm, roaring in space,

It is raining blood, knee- deep wading in the mourn,

Butterfly of ruin waved its wings, lit up clouds dropped down to ground,

Death is smiling and dancing on graves, like furious,

Obsessed with her desire for life, grievous rage ...