Machine Gun

作词:Will Kennard,Saul Milton,Terrence Thornton

作曲:Will Kennard,Saul Milton,Terrence Thornton

所属专辑:Brand New Machine

标签: 电子 英语


歌曲名 Machine Gun 歌手名 Chase And Status+Pusha T

作词:Will Kennard+Saul Milton+Terrence Thornton

作曲:Will Kennard+Saul Milton+Terrence Thornton

Chase and Status

King push

Beat boy dog side stash money

All cop all eye

P nigga that me nigga that all eyes

Seeing me with them hoes

Seeing me in them clothes

I settle in I setting trains

They TMZ and my poes

Doors up hard top money cash that hard knock

Life fowl just life style I documenting right now

Good music god level goes hard for the whole game

All white everything my hands dirty with cocaine

Machine gun

Machine gun

Dead devil stunt man fly nigga you jump man

G 5 we jump start with the joker smile on that frontin

Fis team MC 12 you ain talking no sick hoes

If you like me that two niggas

It six bitches insight clothes

More money more problems my toe don need much

All gold everything that trend to that

Nigga king touch

King push key low I the voice of it see low

Machine gun stivo it just as big as my ego

Machine gun

Machine gun

Machine gun

Machine gun

Machine gun