Coins In A Fountain




标签: 酒吧 爱情 英语 民谣 民谣流行


歌曲名 Coins In A Fountain

歌手名 Passenger

作词:Michael David Rosenberg

作曲:Michael David Rosenberg

Fear is dark but my love is a lantern

Shining up like coins in a fountain

Hope is a tree sitting on a mountain

Where the grass don't grow

There's a sad old sea

but my love is an island

Wild and free like the hills

and the highlands

It's a breeze that brings me

back to dry land

Where the flowers grow

Love is a baby born

And love is the last unicorn

And love is the only song I'll sing

Well hate is a poison

love is a remedy

Singing out like

the sweetest of melodies

Hope is a ghost

in the deepest of memories

Stronger than ten of me

fear is the enemy

In the dark

and it creeps like a shark

In the coldest sea

the deepest part

Hope is the beat

in the oldest heart

Hand in a hand

love in a star

Love is a fireside

Born on the coldest of nights

And love is the only song I'll sing


And love is the truest of words

And love is the last winter bird

And love is the only song I'll sing

Oh I'll sing

Till I can't sing no more

Oh I'll sing

Until my throat is sore