Mj Fm Interlude

作词:D. Fahey,Elisabeth Troy

作曲:D. Fahey,Elisabeth Troy



MJ FM Interlude - MJ Cole/Danny Vicious/Elisabeth Troy

作词:Elisabeth Troy/D. Fahey/Matt Coleman

作曲:Elisabeth Troy/D. Fahey/Matt Coleman

(Yo MJ FM Saturday night Sunday morning crew

All the breakfast collection nah mean

Keep those calls comin in

All the text message crew

Remember the number to dial yo

MJ FM 0799-222-222

Big up the choons

The E-Troy

Out around town stay sexy nah mean

All the DJ's and MC's keep it true

Yo MJ FM caller you're on the air

Yeah yeah yeah

I just wanna big up all my crew all my mates

I wanna big up the choons the Sophie the Matt the Ollie the Stevie

And all the pirate radio massive dya nah mean

It's Sunday afternoon the sun's out

Everyone drivin around town

Get the tops down and let's have a ball mate

Yeah yeah alright bro jus make sure you keep it locked seen

Eh yo now ya dun know

We do it my way what I say goes

What's that bad bro you wanna roll

Wanna get down I knows ya got soul

There's just one thing you go to know

That I don't wait til the crowd say bo

Uh huh all of ya crew

When you come bring ya ravin shoes

And park the car give your best friend the key

Cos tonight the big boys are gonna get lean

Name brand bumpers name brand bean

Name brand jeans get back with the scene

Champagne dinner lobster shrimp

Then I walk in the place like a big ol pimp ya nah mean

Girl watch me go with the shoes and the gangsta lean and see me