I Won't Cry Anymore

作词:Al Frisch,Fred Wise

作曲:Al Frisch,Fred Wise

所属专辑:The Complete Dinah Washington On Mercury Vol. 6 (1958-1960)


歌曲名 I Won't Cry Anymore

歌手名 Dinah Washington

作词:Al Frisch+Fred Wise

作曲:Al Frisch+Fred Wise

I won't cry anymore now that you've left me

I won't cry anymore now that you've gone

I've shed a million tears since we've apart

And now that it's got to end

For tears could ever mend a broken heart

I won't sigh anymore

I'll just forget you

For I'm closing the doors of memories

Although you're the one love my arms are longing for

This is goodbye

You can't make me cry anymore

I won't sigh anymore