I Remember You

作词:Johnny Mercer

作曲:Victor Schertzinger

所属专辑:The Complete Dinah Washington On Mercury Vol. 6 (1958-1960)


歌曲名 I Remember You

歌手名 Dinah Washington

作词:Johnny Mercer

作曲:Victor Schertzinger

Was it in Tahiti

Were we on the Nile

Long ago say an hour or so

I recall that I saw you smile

And I remember you

You're the one

who made my dreams come true

a few

Kisses ago

I remember you

You're the one who said

I love you too I do

Didn't you know

I remember too a distant bell

and the stars

That fell like rain out of the blue

Well when my life is through

And the angels ask me

to recall the thrill

Of them all then

I shall tell them

I remember you