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歌曲名 Renaissance

歌手名 Mat Kearney

作曲:Mat Kearney

This is my renaissance

This is my one response

This is the way I say I love you

This is my second chance

This is my one romance

This is the cutting line

On which I stand to show you

It happened fast in a flash just this evening

I hit the gas, horn blast, brakes screaming

Car crash, broken glass, broke my dreaming

I hit the dash so fast my ears are ringing

My sister's on the right side just slightly leaning

I grabbed her hand hard until she started breathing

My brothers in the back jaw cracked from the beating

The breath in my chest has slipped and I'm sinking

Blinking through diamond spider webs of cracked glass

I'm trying to remember all the words you said in the past

Through the ash, siren screams and red beams

I hear you sing softly to me

I can be the wall when you fall down

Find me on the rocks when you break down

I heard it in the song when you call out

But I got to say now it's got to change

This is my broken heart

This is my bleeding start

This is the way I've come to know you

This is my winding road

This is my way back home

This is the narrow door you know that I will walk through

I got a letter today of why she went away

She said 'it's better this way, you knew I never could stay'

Half empty closets and frames, all that's left to my name

As she left in the rain and left my heart on a chain

Three years I've built this two face tower for hours on a lease

You gave me one yellow flower that said rest in peace

IN pieces I've broken open to think too much or just enough

Alone to trust midst the rubble and the dust

Humbled, it took this much to break down and understand

Spent half my life on castles made of sand

Tossed in the breakers in the palm of your hand

Now I can finally stand

This is my renaissance

This is my one response

This is the way I say I love you