Ole Santa (Single Version)

作词:Kuhn Richard S

作曲:Kuhn Richard S

所属专辑:Christmas For Lovers

标签: 爵士 英语


歌曲名 Ole Santa

歌手名 Dinah Washington

作词:Clyde Otis

作曲:Clyde Otis

A snow covered house on my hilltop

Children playing by a fireside

Each one hoping ole santa will loan them

A reindeer to ride

The sleigh bells should soon

Start a ringing

'Cause they're waiting so anxiously

Hoping to see ole santa

As he comes down the chimney

A million socks are hanging

Oooh on a million christmas trees

And a million ears are listening

Father russell in the leaps

A bag full of toys on his shoulder

I'm so sure there'll be a stampede

But I'm wishing ole santa godspeed