A Stranger On Earth(1997 Digital Remaster)

作词:Marty Manning

作曲:Feller,Ward,Marty Manning


标签: 酒吧 英语 蓝调


歌曲名 A Stranger On Earth (1997 Digital Remaster) 歌手名 Dinah Washington

作词:Marty Manning

作曲:Feller+marty Manning+ward

Some fools don't know

What's right from wrong

But somehow those folks belong

Me I try for all I'm worth

But I still remain a stranger

On this earth

Some people gloom

Other folk cry

Me I have to struggle to keep alive

Ever since the day of my birth

I've been a stranger

Stranger on this earth

I try to be what all folks should

Forgetting the bad and doing good

But no matter how I try

My troubles always multiply

Now I've been doing the best I can

Ever since life began

Some day when I prove my worth

I won't be a stranger on earth

Now I've been living the best I can

Ever since my life began

The day's gonna come

When I prove my worth

And I won't be no stranger

I won't be a stranger

On this earth