Short John

作词:Elroy Crane

作曲:Elroy Crane

所属专辑:Late Late Show


歌曲名 Short John

歌手名 Dinah Washington

作词:Elroy Crane

作曲:Elroy Crane

Short John is my doctor

And he show is good to me

Yes I'm putting on John down

Short John's my man

And he show is good to me

When I treat him right

I get the whole treatment for free

He examines me carefully

Takes care of my ills

Yes he examines me carefully

And he takes care of my ills

Well he checks me all over

Then he gives me the right size pills

He said

Lay down

Stretch out

Please don't look so sad

Yes I laid down

I stretched out

And I stopped looking so sad

'Cause the medicine

He gave me was enough to drive

Most women stark raving mad

Now the other doctors checked me out

'Cause they found nothing wrong

When Short John looked me over

I've got other ails that never shown

I cried


I keep singing


I need a treatment right away

For you treat me so good

I could stand these treatments every day

I was so tired and sick

I could hardly talk

He gave me my right size pill

I jumped up and started to walk and wail


Oh doctor

Another treatment right away


You'll treat me so good

I could stand those treatments every day

Oh yeah