I Am Blessed (Album Version + Mono)

作词:Bennie Benjamin,Sol Marcus

作曲:Bennie Benjamin,Sol Marcus


标签: 酒吧 爵士 爱情 英语


歌曲名 I Am Blessed (Mono)

歌手名 Nina Simone

作词:Bennie Benjamin+Sol Marcus

作曲:Bennie Benjamin+Sol Marcus

I who never had much

I now have a treasure

A love too great to measure

I am blessed with happiness

And I'm done with loneliness

I who walked all alone

Not really knowing

Till now just where I was going

I am blessed because this day

You came show me the way

Till now I was like a grain of sand

Lost on a lonely beach

Yes till now I could never understand

That this was within my reach

I who cried to the moon

See only sunshine

Because darling you're mine

I am blessed with wealth untold

A love worth more than gold