Hello Beautiful(2020 Version)

作词:Jodi Marr,Zachary Hall,Noah Schnacky

作曲:Zachary Hall,Jodi Marr,Noah Schnacky

所属专辑:Noah Schnacky EP


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I was eighteen when we first met

Couldn't believe how you took my breath

In your sweatshirt your converse

You didn't even know you were rockin' my world

Sittin' in line tryin' to get a coffee

Stealin' looks you turned around and caught me

I laughed and you smiled

And we took a chance to stay for a while


I never saw you comin'


But I had to say somethin'

Hello beautiful I've never seen you before

Do you live 'round here what's your name beautiful

The way you looked at me girl it took my breath away

And I had to introduce myself I just had to say

Hello beautiful beautiful woah-oo-woah

Hello beautiful beautiful woah-oo-woah

I got your name and I got your number

We sat for hours talkin' to each other

But one night just wasn't enough

We were all in fallin' in love

I tried to see you but your daddy wouldn't let me

He told you you should just forget me

But what we had was somethin' so real and he

He didn't know the way we feel


And so I met you in the dark


Underneath the stars

Hello beautiful it's good to see you again

I'm glad you found your way down to this riverbend

I know we don't have long but I'll take what I can get

Every moment spent with you is worth the consequence

Hello beautiful beautiful woah-oo-woah

Hello beautiful beautiful woah-oo-woah

And I remember when you called me

Something in your voice had changed

You told me you were moving with your dad to another state

I'm still waiting by this riverbend

Yeah I come here everyday

Waiting for that moment when you find your way

Back to me and I'll say

Hello beautiful

Hello beautiful