The House Of The Rising Sun

作词:Mantra Mindware


所属专辑:The Very Best Of The Ventures


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There is no song, this is kareoke haha but here we go.

There is a house in New Orleans

They call it The Rising Sun

And it´s been a runin for many poor boy

and god, i know i´m one

My mother was a tailor

she sewes my new blue jeans

My father was a gambli´n man

down in New Orleans

And the only thing a gamler need is

a suitcase and a trunk

and the only time he´s satisfied

is when he´s on a drunk.

Oh mother tell your childen

not to do what i have done

spend your life in sin and missery

in the house of The Rising Sun

Well, i got one fot on the platform

the other fot on the train

i´m going back to New Orleas

to where that ball and chain.

Well there is a house in new orleans

ther call it The Rising Sun

and it´s bin a ruing for many poor boy

And god, i know i´m one.