Tomorrow Night

作词:E. James

作曲:E. James

所属专辑:Queen Of Soul


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Tomorrow night - Etta James (埃塔·詹姆丝)

Tomorrow night

Will you remember what you said to night

Tomorrow night

Will all the thrill be gone

Tomorrow night

And oh will it be will it be

Will it be just another memory

Ah just another lovely song

That's in my heart to linger on

Oh your lips your lips

They are so tender

Oh and and my heart my heart

My heart is beating fast

Oh and you willingly surrender

Tell me tell me tell me tell me will it last

Oh tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow night

Will you be with me when the moon is

Is being a bright man

Tomorrow night

Will you say the lovely things

You you said tonight

Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Will you say the say the lovely things

Will you say all of these things

Talk to me c'mon and talk to me

And I wanna hear all of these sweet things

Will you say the lovely lovely things tomorrow

If you said you said tonight