Intermission: Juslisen(Clean)

作词:Charles Njapa,Taalib Johnson,Sly Stone

作曲:Taalib Johnson,Charles Njapa,Sly Stone


标签: 英语 R&B 驾车


歌曲名 Intermission: Juslisen(Album Version (Edited))(Clean)

歌手名 Musiq

作词:Taalib Johnson/Sly Stone/Charles Njapa

作曲:Taalib Johnson/Sly Stone/Charles Njapa



Sometimes I wonder why people act like the way they do

All the drama and changes they like to take you through

Now it's cool to think that you're cool

With somebody but the bottom line reality

No matter how bad that you think you do dawg you don't know me

When you see me in public don't you worry about it yo it's cool

I shake your hand give mad love I ain't got no beef with you

Just understand that sometimes I need my space to breathe

You probably feel the same as me if these shoes were on your feet

I can't control how you feel about it

But all the drama I sure can do without it yeah

So go on and feel the way

That you want about how you think I am

But remember at the end of the day

I'm just a person like you trying to do the best that I can

And that's real

I wanna thank you for letting me be myself

I wanna thank you

I wanna thank you

I wanna thank you

I wanna thank you thank you