Lookin At Tomorrow(A Welfare Song)(24 Bit Remastered 00)(2000 Digital Remaster)

作词:Gary Winfrey、Al Jardine

作曲:Gary Winfrey、Al Jardine

所属专辑:Surf Is Up


歌曲名 Looking At Tomorrow (A Welfare Song)

歌手名 The Beach Boys

作曲:Gary Winfrey/Al Jardine

I've been laying on my back

Like a freight train off a track

Trying to find a job to fit my trade

With the morning sun come 'round

Well I'll be covering plenty of ground

And I don't need nobody to pay my aid

Mmmm pay my aid

Now Bess and me were feeling bad

And all the good jobs they were had

I had to take to sweeping up some floors

Well I don't mind that so much

Or the changing of my luck

But you know I could be doing so much more




Well I'll be coming home tonight

Everything will be all right

And we'll be looking at tomorrow