Seven White Horses (Original Mix)



所属专辑:The Moon Rang Like A Bell

标签: 酒吧 电子 英语


Seven White Horses - Hundred Waters

Summer came in a flash of fire

Rolled out I'ts swirling tongue round me

Will you wait oh most impatiently

I hear grace bellowing like me just like me

Sometimes the sky feels empty

Sometimes I can’t find what’s right in front of me

And assume assume is all I can do

Here they come running in front of me

Seven white horses seven galloping

They’re running they’re running Away from me

Sometimes this room is a blank space

Sometimes the walls just won’t stop shaking

What then

I see white burning in their veins

I see great big gloves pulling on their reins

Like I’m in a stampede

Someone shake me from my sleep

Cause when I talk to you

Do you hear me

Do you hear me

When I talk to you are you listening

Could I be screaming

When I talk to you do you hear me

Do you hear me

Do you

Do you

Do you hear me