Come Away



所属专辑:In Deepest Blue (Bonus Track Version)

标签: 流行 英语 伤感 黄昏


歌曲名 Come Away 歌手名 Joshua Hyslop



Come away with me

to the outside of what I believe

Take it slow and fill me again I want to believe

It s a long way back from hope to the hopeless

I will leave this all behind

And in that ebb and flow of pity to patience

I will let your heart be my guide

Come and burn me down set a fire

in my heart and scorch the ground

Wipe my tears and dry them again I will be found

It s a long way back from fate to the faithful

I ve got nowhere left to fall

And I don t feel the same for the beautiful

or broken I ve been numb for fall too long

It s a long way back from here to the other side

I ve got no one I can call

And I remember days before love gave me nothing

I will wait for you to say

Come away