Everything Unsaid

作词:Joshua Hyslop

作曲:Joshua Hyslop

所属专辑:In Deepest Blue (Bonus Track Version)

标签: 寂寞 英语 民谣 黄昏


歌曲名 Everything Unsaid 歌手名 Joshua Hyslop



For everything unsaid there is a flourish of my pride

It is deep and dark and wide

And I can t tell the weeds from vines

And if I had the strength

I d move the mountains in my mind

But it s taking all my time just to start to realize

That I m not the man I d hoped to be

And though I m not alone

I still feel so lonely

Come Monday I ve forgotten all the promises you said

All your holy words in red

Wreathed in guilt and golden thread

And If I had the strength to be who others say I am

I wouldn t look into my eyes and see the shadow of a man

Well I m not who they say I have become

For I know the things

I ve said wont compare with what I ve done

Now all of these monstrosities are choices I have made

And they will not go away

I ve made my bed and here I lay

And is there still forgiveness

if we know what we have done


to every single one who spared the rod and blamed the son

Well it s not just the day that needs the night

Seems to me

it s in the darkness we can finally see the light