作词:Stephen Simmonds

作曲:Stephen Simmonds

所属专辑:Spirit Tales


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Searchin' - Stephen Simmonds

The truth has just been compromised and left the deeds undone

I know that I'm not there, but I've begun

The humble man must sacrifice with love for everyone

Patiently prepares his heart is one I wanna feel the love so I go

Searchin', been lookin', everywhere now I need someone to guide me deep within

Seachin' but after all these years, still undiscovered inside me they won't win

As I await my unborn fate, I trust the insecure

But no matter what I give, they all want more

they all awake, but always late, possessions keep the score,

I look for love, but now my eyes are sore, I wanna feel the love so I go

All the wisdom you possess, where is the love you wear to hide your inside like a dress

You never were sincere,

All the time I gave you, I guess

I lived to learn, now I'm letting all the fake inside me burn, so I am…..