The Jacket

作词:Neal Coty,Olivia Rudeen,Ashley Mcbryde

作曲:Neal Coty,Olivia Rudeen,Ashley Mcbryde

所属专辑:Girl Going Nowhere

标签: 乡村 英语 原创单曲


The Jacket - Ashley McBryde

Written by:Neal Coty/Ashley McBryde/Olivia Rudeen

It's got a hole in the elbow bandana pocket

Silver button missin' from the snap at the bottom

I said that thing's seen better days daddy you should toss it

And he just said darling I can't

This thing is two-thousand bonfires I hitchhiked to Boulder

It's kept a million raindrops off your mama's shoulders

My heart on my sleeve my life in these patches

Then he wrapped his arms around me in that old

Jean jacket

It's been a bed for a hound-dog a picnic blanket

There's blood on the collar from a punk who tried to take it from me

Seen Willie Nelson play four or five states

The best Levi ever made

We strung for miles of barbed wire in Corinth Mississippi

Spend a night in county jail with an old drunk and a hippy

It's my heart on the sleeve it's my life in these patches

With his arms wrapped around me in that old

Jean jacket

It ain't much to look at but he let me have it

So I could feel his arms around me in that old

Jean jacket

Jean jacket