Get Down

作词:Stephen Simmonds

作曲:Donald Boyce,Robert Mickens,Stephen Simmonds

所属专辑:Spirit Tales


Get Down - Stephen Simmonds

作曲:Claydes Smith/Dennis Thomas/Donald Boyce/George Brown/Richard Westfield/Robert Bell/Robert Mickens/Ronald Bell/Stephen Simmonds

She was sixteen just a child it would seem when the world took her on

Her beauty destroyed and turned men into boys drove their senses beyond

She was my all I'm a brick in her wall another book on her shelf

I'd run when she called summer winter or fall I couldn't help myself

It's been a long time but she's still on my mind the way she moves should be a crime

Watch her get down

Sweet lord

Watch her get down

Oh no

And she don't stop she rock until your eyes are sore

Watch her get down

Sweet lord

Watch her get down

Oh no

Maybe you got the shot but you ain't ever gonna score

She's got the skills dirty dreams are fulfilled when she walks in the room

When will you learn if you play you'll get burned like a heatwave in June

Outside in the rain broken hearts cry her name until the early morn'

She's heaven on earth like perfection gave birth let the word be born