In Deepest Blue

作词:Joshua Hyslop

作曲:Joshua Hyslop

所属专辑:In Deepest Blue (Bonus Track Version)

标签: 英语 民谣 散步 治愈 民谣流行 原创单曲


歌曲名 In Deepest Blue

歌手名 Joshua Hyslop

Go slow my dear

And feel no fear

You're not alone

Speak soft to me

And let me be

Your warmth and cold

Well if that's the answer

That you've been looking for

And you know it's true

Then I'll take the reigns

Begin steering this again

Through deepest blue

As days go by

Doesn't matter what you've hoped for

As long as hope's alive

Days go by ooh

Well it all may stay

The same the same

We know not quite

Everyone of us

Becomes jaded on his trust

And we long for lies

Well if there's an answer

Then I'm still looking for

To rest in truth

And those storms will reach

It's underneath the waves

In deepest blue woah

And days go by

Doesn't matter if we made it

Or that we've tried

Days go by ooh