Denis(2001 Remastered Version)


作曲:Neil Levenson

所属专辑:Housework Hits 2

标签: 摇滚 英语


Denis (丹尼斯) (2001 - Remaster) - Blondie (金发女郎)

Oh Denis doo-be-do

I'm in love with you

Denis doo-be-do

Denis Denis oh with your eyes so blue

Denis Denis I've got a crush on you

Denis Denis I'm so in love with you

Oh when we walk it always feels so nice

And when we talk it seems like paradise

Denis Denis I'm so in love with you

You're my king and I'm in heaven every time I look at you

When you smile it's like a dream

And I'm so lucky 'cause I found a boy like you

Denis Denis oh won't you hold me tight

Denis Denis please can we kiss all night

Denis Denis avec vos yeux si bleux

Denis Denis Je pense toujours à nous

Denis Denis Un baiser profond qui durer jamais