所属专辑:Newgoreorder Luxe (Deluxe Edition)

标签: 电子 激情 纯音乐 派对


歌曲名 Newgoreorder

歌手名 Borgore+Malcolm Mcdowell

Imagine a world as glorious

As a victoria's secret fashion show

A world where fast food is real meat

And DJs are real producers

A world where people

Look like their profile pictures

Imagine having no questions

Because you already have all the answers

Imagine a world with no fuzzy boots

Or money hungry politicians

Imagine a better place

A new gore order

Imagine a world as perfect

As Kate Upton's breasts

Where there is no war

Because everyone is high on life

A world where education

Is not paid for by slavery

Where you can get service

At a festival

Imagine a world where people

Seek knowledge not water

A better place

A new gore order