Let Is Go (E Noiz)

作词:Rodrigo Casula Gomes Brandao,Paul Huston,Donald Newkirk,Maryann Santos Vieira


所属专辑:Let Is Go (E Noiz)

标签: 酒吧 英语 嘻哈


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歌曲名 Let Is Go (E Noiz) 歌手名 Brookzill

作词:Donald Newkirk+Maryann Santos Vieira+Paul Huston+Rodrigo Casula Gomes Brandao


Boom Coming with that talk of the third

Voice of the unheard

Smoke out Frank and Myrrh to choke out the blur

Flying high in the Brooklyn sky

Styling wild on the beat Vai-Vai

Straight from Brasil licensed to ill

I kill Bill at will with no frills

No fillers just a raw fella

Old school rebel a cause with no pause

No gloss no floss self-made man don t call me no boss

I bless up let the rest fall back

Soul intact go head and hold fast

A love supreme for the ones that s passed

You know my team I get cream with the best

And at your request it s Ladybug Mek

Indigenous disgraced right in front of your eyes

Let the dirt below my feet boost me up to the sky

Then take rise and I take what s mine

Not all the empty reasons coming to light

Peep the ancient hoop kicks rock the bamboo knockers

Public access dutty whine out to rockers

Shrewd if I have to move with a laughter

Mood unsaid and my love is adaptive

Make em clap to this make em pay a fee make a plea to dark matter

I m present in the essence so nothing else matters see

She a fighter set fires so wicked I spit and twist it like so

Observe the feeling heal it then go