Barbara Allen

作词:susan urban,Traditional

作曲:susan urban,Traditional


标签: 乡村 英语 驾车


歌曲名 Barbara Allen 歌手名 Billie Joe Norah



Was in the merry month of May

When flowers were a bloomin'

Sweet William on his death bed lay

For love of Barbara Allen

He sent his servant to the town

The town where she was dwelling

Saying master dear

If your name be Barbara Allen

So slowly slowly she got up

And slowly she went to him

And all she said when she got there

Young man I think you're dying

Don't you remember the other day

When we were in the tavern

You to the ladies there

And slighted Barbara Allen"

They buried William in the old church yard

And Barbara there anigh him

Grew a rose

And briar

They grew and grew to the old churchyard

And could not grow no higher

At the end they formed a true lover's knot

And the rose grew round the briar