Real As You Think (Clean)

作词:Shante Franklin,Eliot Peter Phillip Dubock,Eric Dan,Jason Martin,Ron La Tour,Cameron Thomaz

作曲:Shante Franklin,Eliot Peter Phillip Dubock,Jason Martin,Eric Dan,Ron La Tour,Cameron Thomaz

所属专辑:Fly Times Vol. 1: The Good Fly Young(Clean)


歌曲名 Real As You Think (Clean)

歌手名 Wiz Khalifa+Curren$y+Problem+Problem and Curren$y

作词:Eric Dan+Eric Dan+Cameron Thomaz+Eliot Peter Phillip Dubock+Jason Martin+Ron Latour+Shante Franklin

作曲:Eric Dan+Eric Dan+Cameron Thomaz+Eliot Peter Phillip Dubock+Jason Martin+Ron Latour+Shante Franklin

Fresh off the plane

Pittsburgh pimpin' blew up and now he got his own strain

Diamond everything

We tired of paying for it so we put it in our name

To the top of where we came from is way different

Been the boss and gon' remain

Know the cost I can't complain

I'm back and rolling joints bigger than ever

The more time I take the better I get

The more chains I cop the wetter she get

All aside but never forget

Her bought before but never like this

Blowing O's in my whip

Writing flows bringing pounds where we ain't supposed to

But they don't even trip

Name on the list we don't wait til it come out

Might buy every one so they don't exist

Rolly on the wrist

Competition try and miss

Diamonds on my fist

Gotta rock the coldest fix

Glad you noticed

Never seen nothing like this so they focus

Mixing my new with my old

White diamonds on gold

We fell in love with how the money fold

Hundred millions I done sold

Changed souls with the stories I told

Take it as a compliment

When them younger n gas

Tell me that I'm getting old

That means my money mature

Bill us on shores

Having conversations with billionaires

Skip the awards we already there

Just keep the chronic smoke in the air

Model chick with long hair wearing weave

Cause it's easier to maintain

My n gas come from hunger pains

Now we all rocking two or three chains

Versace everything

Spilling our drinks pulling out minks

Live a life that's as real as you think

It take a lot to keep a crew alive

Really socialize

Beef we don't vocalize

Keep it in overdrive

Come through and catch a vibe

is over fine

G's up stay cheesed up smoke it then re-up

It takes a lot to keep a crew alive

From counting twenties and fives

To private jets when we flying

They can't believe us

It take a lot to keep a crew alive

So we keep the bottles on ice

Staying down still the G's up


So if I tell you something I meant it man

I'm not just doing this for my motherf king health

I ain't got time to waste

You know that old a saying Time is money

Well I got a whole lot of money

And I don't got a whole lot of time

So don't mind me if I change that up

Let me sit

Paper been sitting up just collecting dust

Though my Bentley clean as f k super sharp

Your got cut you mad but

You need to analyze the game that you laid

Had hella cracks in the frame foundation was weak

She peaked early

You was a lame and proceeded to deplete your change

Smoking with my gang

Track suit tailored to feature my watch and bracelet

My reputation speak for me I don't really say

Killer whales tip the scale major sales

They praying that we fail though the real prevail

The illest n gas

Them haters really just wishing

They could kick it with us

I swear that's why they so mad

Chevrolet's candy painted laid on the Ave

Hitting switches drag the a sparking like a lighter

Million dollar rap writer full time low-rider

A New Orleans East-sider

All my designer all my hoes are open fire