River S Invitation



所属专辑:The Atlantic Albums Collection

标签: 酒吧 英语 蓝调


歌曲名 River's Invitation

歌手名 Aretha Franklin

I've been all across the country

And I've stayed in every town

Because I'm trying to find my baby

And you know around okey I'm stand

You know which way I'm headed

If my baby can't be found oh yeah

I spoke to the river and the river

the river spoke back to me

It said oh you look so lonely so full of misery

Yeah to do now

If you can't find your baby

Come and go make your home with me oh yeah

I don't want to leave him

because I know I know he's still alive

And someday I'm going to find him

And I'll take him for a ride yes we a now

And we'll leave forever

ever ever ever ever mom tights

Oh yes will just takes I don't find in my order

Take there re the reason

omtation re the reason omtation

Oh the river oh the river oh the river yeah

Oh the river ever the resand yeah the river