Guns (Explicit)

作词:Bastien Lozier,Pierre Houlé,Jonny Buckland,Chris Allgood,Baptiste Leroy,Matt Latham,Emily Lazar,Erwan Abbas,Guy Berryman,Chris Martin,Rik Simpson,Willchampion

作曲:Baptiste Leroy,Bastien Lozier,Pierre Houlé,Erwan Abbas,Chris Allgood,Matt Latham,Jonny Buckland,Emily Lazar,Guy Berryman,Chris Martin,Rik Simpson,Willchampion

所属专辑:Everyday Life (Explicit)

标签: 酒吧 摇滚 激情 英语


歌曲名 Guns(Explicit)

歌手名 Coldplay

Take it from the playgrounds

And take it from the bums

Take it from the hospitals

And squeeze it from the slums

All the kids make pistols with

Their fingers and their thumbs

Advertise a revolution

Arm it when it comes

Were cooking up the zeros

Weve been doing all the sums

The judgement of this court is

We need more guns


Everythings gone so crazy

Everything tangled and blue

Everyones gone crazy

Maybe Im crazy too

Meltdown all the trumpets all the trombones and the drums

Who needs education or a thousand splendid suns

Poor is good for business

Cut the forests theyre so dumb

Only save your look alikes

And the other ones

Its the opinion of this board that

We need more guns


Everythings gone so crazy

Everybody but you

Everythings gone crazy

Maybe Im crazy too