Could It Be




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Could It Be - Ms Banks


Could it be that you are for me

Something that I couldn't perceive

But I think that we are something meant to be

And you know me down to a T

In your house chillin' in your tee

Makin' time when I'm never free

Anything for your company

So much for keepin' it lowkey

And I feel your touch on my skin

All my life like where have you been

Feelings for you from deep within

I don't know if this is a sin

But you just take me to a place

I don't know if I can replace something that I cannot erase

Could it be that you are for me

Positively evidently

This ain't something that we can't see

Maybe that is why they envy

I just want our love to be free

Maybe we can go overseas

Wanna feel the sun and the breeze

Couple goals not a couple of G's

And I feel you inside my soul

And this love has taken a toll

Workin' overtime on the road

But your heart is somewhere to go

Made me feel at home from the start

Gave me something to be a part of

Never want us to part I don't ever want us to part