You've Changed (Live)


作曲:Bill Carey,Carl Fischer

所属专辑:Diana Ross Live: Stolen Moments

标签: 酒吧 英语 蓝调


歌曲名 Youve Changed (Live) 歌手名 Diana Ross


You ' ve changed

作曲:Bill Carey+carl Fischer

That sparkle in your eyes is gone

Your smile is just a careless yawn

You ' re breaking my heart

You ' ve changed

You ' ve changed

Your kiss is now so blase

You ' re bored with me in every way

I can ' t understand

You ' ve changed

You ' ve forgotten the words

I love you

Each memory that we ' ve shared

You ignore every star above you

I can ' t realise you ever cared

You ' ve changed

You ' re not the angel I once knew

No need to tell me that we ' re through

It ' s all over now You ' ve changed